Election: Who Said That?

September 20th This Monday, 9:30 am to 9:30 pm is Election day!


Elm West Playground

505 White Avenue


Poll No. 047

More info on Elections here! 

We asked some of Sudbury MP’s 8 major questions about the upcoming election!

Viviane LaPointe Liberal Party of Canada (705) 222-5427
Colette Andréa Methé People’s Party of Canada  
J. David Popescu Independent (705) 688-1302
David Robert Robinson Green Party of Canada  
Ian Symington Conservative Party of Canada (705) 222-2722
Nadia Verrelli New Democratic Party (NDP) (705) 920-0655
  • Do you support changing the Canadian Labour code to enact a federal minimum wage of at least $20 per hour with no exemptions?
  • Do you support changing the Canadian Labour Code to enact at least 10 permanent, employer-paid sick days each year?
  • Do you support reversing the recent cut to Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) to make workers receive a minimum of $500 weekly and as well as the CRB until the pandemic is over?
  • Do you support improving the EI system to eliminate unfair rules, reduce the hours required for all workers and extend EI benefits for 52 weeks?
  • Do you back big businesses? Do you support full protections for gig workers and ending the practice of misclassifying workers as, “self-employed” or “independent contractors”, while also saying NO to big business?
  • Do you support indigenous justice by implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, ending federal court oppositions to settling land claims, and respecting all treaties?
  • Will you ensure the next government will provide full and permanent immigration status for all workers? Bring attention to the Temporary Foreign Work Program and make adjustments for migrant workers?
    • Including protections for sick days and hazard pay, expansion of the OHSA to include agricultural-specific regulation, strengthen reprisal protections, legislate mandatory inquests upon worker deaths, provide decent and adequate housing to migrant farmworkers, and legislate migrant farmworkers’ right to organize.
  • What have you committed to ending chronic homelessness and make significant housing changes?

With time of the essence, we gathered this from the Liberal and NDP Candidates!

  • The Liberal government would legislate 10 paid sick days for federally regulated workers. And would immediately convene all provincial representatives to discuss legislating sick leave across Canada.

We currently have 3 under the COVID regulations! NDP is also in support of increasing the number of paid sick days.

  • Liberals want to extend the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to March 31, 2022 
  • Continue to expand the Canada Workers Benefit to support 1 million additional Canadians in low wage jobs
  • Tackle Canada’s labour shortage through increasing workers to immigrate to Canada, increasing labour participation with targeted incentives for low-income workers and seniors, and increasing supports for reskilling programs and for Canadians entering the trades

Something To note:

  • NDP commits to reverse Trudeau’s health care cuts and give families in Sudbury more access to health care 
    • Wants to establish a national pharmacare program that would eliminate prescription drug fees for Canadians.
  • The Liberals have also pledged a $500-million investment over four years to support Indigenous-governed and operated post-secondary institutions.

Show your support this Election:

Justice 4 workers: https://www.justice4workers.org/movement

Migrant Rights: https://migrantrights.ca/ 

Gig Workers: https://takeaction.ofl.ca/action/gig-workers/?source=direct_link&

Housing Crisis: https://www.votehousing.ca/signupnow 

Campus-Vote: https://identity.leadnow.ca/clicks/link/7822/ed78736a-69fc-4f90-b147-0ec3cb69d752?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyou.leadnow.ca%2Fpetitions%2Felections-canada-open-voting-booths-and-special-balloting-on-campus%3Futm_source%3Dleadnow%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3Dblast2021-08-27&member_guid=a71a292ee2ec0f9d67e6b328b190938dcc620f9c31ad0e8c3c6249a9d7adcc7d998a106d16bf31bf7520cb7db769234f630125431bcfea6984e43324fcefbd49&identity-signature=070f54dba12ac6f2195e89d571cad77c9e3b18c1cef9a47e1a9d333e5f96790d