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All three Know Your Rights Basics in one!

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Basics Workshops:

1 HOUR & 30 MINS

Our most popular workshop focuses on providing participants with information about their rights at work under the Ontario Employment Standards Act. We discuss various topics throughout the workshop, such as minimum wage, break periods, hours of work and overtime, termination and severance pay, and more. We provide participants with the information and tools necessary to empower themselves to exercise their rights in their workplace. This workshop highlights many of the law’s exemptions, how they apply to workers, and where they can go for help when needed.

This workshop focuses on providing participants with general knowledge about the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and how it applies to them and their co-workers. The presentation includes learning about safe work practices, your rights under the OHSA, how to refuse unsafe work, and more.

This workshop concentrates on the Ontario Human Rights Code, its history, how it applies, and the different criteria necessary to file a claim with the Human Rights Tribunal. This is a very interactive presentation with open and safe places for discussion.

All basics workshops are available in both French and English.


All of our workshops can be adapted to best suit your audience or clientele. Please contact us to discuss how we can cater to you and your client’s needs.

Examples include:

  • Employment Standards for ESL learners,
  • Safety at work with an emphasis on violence and harassment in the workplace,
  • How do I know if I am an employee or if I am self-employed?


(1 HOUR & 30 MIN)

Here we address ways to handle that “Jerk at Work”. Eliminating a poisoned work environment, and how to handle sexual violence and harassment.

Humans are social beings, even at work. Personalities will clash.
Some social interaction is merely unpleasant. Some crosses the line. It’s important to recognize the difference between an interpersonal issue, and bullying/harassment/discrimination.
Learn the difference, and how to deal with both.
We explore when unpleasant workplace behaviour crosses the line and becomes bullying, harassment or discrimination.
Learn what to do and who can help if the behaviour is illegal. Share solutions for dealing with interpersonal conflicts, and how best to deal with that Jerk at Work.

Employers have a legal obligation to accommodate workers in the workplace. But what does that mean in practice? When and how do you disclose? Are there potential repercussions to disclosing? If your employer is refusing to accommodate you, what are your options? These and other questions will be answered in our Know Your Rights: Accommodation in the Workplace presentation

What happens if you need to take leaves during COVID? Are you protected? Are there income supports? Can you take leave for reasons other than COVID?
The new Paid Infectious Disease Emergency Leave amendment to the Employment Standards Act, the Canada Sickness Recovery Benefit, your protected leave entitlements under the provincial Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Act, and related questions.

Ways to effectively address workplace racism, microaggressions, and that jerk at work.
We will discuss what it means to be an ally, how you can be an ally, and what you can do if you see harassment going on in your workplace.

Get to know your legal rights and remedies for having a safe and healthy environment free of bullying, harassment and discrimination that lead to mental health issues; and rights vis-a-vis accommodation in the workplace for mental health conditions.

2SLGBTQIA+ rights in the workplace. We will go over your rights at work from the job interview to on the job. We will talk about reprisals, sexual harassment and gender identity harassment. 

Transgender & Gender Identity Rights in the Workplace
Are you transgender and want to learn more about your gender identity rights in the workplace?
Are you an employer wondering what human rights in the workplace you need to be aware of for transgender workers?
Ask us for a free webinar on transgender and gender identity rights in the workplace.