Worker Testimonials

Since opening its doors in 2014, the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre staff have helped over 600 individuals in the Greater City of Sudbury and surrounding area with workplace rights education, information, support, and advocacy.

Thanks SWEAC for helping me get through this ordeal. I was able to keep my job, exercise my rights and successfully fight for fairness in the workplace. You made a very stressful situation bearable by making me feel supported and educated. You walked me through a very difficult situation and encouraged me along the way. I hope others can find the courage to stand up for themselves; SWEAC would be a good place to start. Thanks again.

– Anonymous

I heard of SWEAC through a career agency I was involved with and I approached them regarding an issue I had with an employer. The SWEAC staff made me feel comfortable and were very informative with the answers they offered to my questions.  They went above and beyond when I needed to deliver papers to the CRA and was out of town, they immediately printed them off and personally delivered them on my behalf. I appreciated the fact that they treat you like a person and show genuine interest in each of the cases they deal with. I have chosen to volunteer with this organization due to the fact that I think people need to be more informed of their rights in the workplace. The service SWEAC offers is indispensable to both the worker and the community.

– Donna

In March of 2015 I was terminated from my position for contacting my HR Department to complain about being harassed at work.

I had been being verbally and emotionally harassed by a fellow employee for 6 months at my job. When I finally felt that my supervisors weren’t doing anything about the harassment, I decided to contact my HR Representative (as my rights as an employee stated) to let them know that my supervisors were not handling the harassment complaints seriously. 2 days after I filed my complaint I was terminated without cause from my position with the company.

What the company did was wrong, and I had to do something about it.

Directly after this happening, I contacted the Ministry of Labour. Which was a lot of 1-800 numbers, automatic messages trying to get the right person, and one person telling me I need to call another. It seemed like an endless circle of call this person, call that person.

While I was working on my resume at the Employment Option Centre, I had mentioned to my worker what had happened and he handed me a brochure for the Sudbury Workers Education & Advocacy Centre (SWEAC). I immediately called and made an appointment with Executive Director.

She immediately starting calling the Ontario Relations Labour Board and started pointing me in the right direction of taking action against my employer. She got me in touch with a lawyer from the Relations Board who then helped me fill out, file, and serve the application against my former employer.

She also helped, assisted and supported me throughout the entire process. Reminding me that I needed to keep going, regardless of the nasty things my former employer was saying about me. She reminded me that what they did was wrong, that I needed to keep fighting for my rights as an employee who trusted her employer would help, but ended up being the ‘bad guy’.

In the end, with the proof I had, the help from SWEAC and the Labour Relations Board, within 9 months of being terminated, I received a lump sum payment from the employer.

Don’t give up fighting for your rights as an employee. The Sudbury Workers Education & Advocacy Centre supports you through the whole journey 100%, will help point you in the right direction and uses their contact base and Board of Directors to assist you in any way that they can. I would fully recommend their services if you are looking to start your journey for your rights.