Getting to Know The Gig Economy!

How many times have you ordered skip the dishes this week? Or do you use Uber-eats? maybe even Doordash? The list of online delivery websites through the years has skyrocketed more than we sheepish humans would like to admit. 

We depend heavily on the work of many others to help make our lives flow easier, make ourselves comfortable. However, how often do we stop to truly consider the lives of those we so deeply depend on, for our midnight cravings, or 50lb grocery runs we don’t have time to make ourselves? 

Let’s Start with Introductions

A gig worker can be understood as a worker who enters short-term contracts to complete specified and typically independent jobs. In the past, we have connected these with musicians and artists. However, as the scope of the digital world continues to grow, so do opportunities and the potential for new job markets to uproar. We know this is easily connected with the soaring competition of web-based delivery services, but it does not end there.

Consultants, specialists, agents, and many other employment opportunities find themselves within the realities of the gig economy. For example, many healthcare providers, professors, and even retail. Have you ever requested a tutor? Maybe a massage therapist? Both considered gig workers.

So What’s The Problem?

Well, the events of the past pandemic have exposed the dependency of consumers on these web-based workers, they deserve to be ensured that they will be protected and able to retire eventually. In addition to job security, minimum or predictable wages, and protection from an onset of uncertainties leading to financial, physical, or even mental challenges. It is now more clear than ever the need for greater protections and policies surrounding the lives of workers employed in flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs.


What Can You Do?

Gig workers played an essential role keeping our neighbours safe and keeping the restaurant industry afloat during the pandemic, yet they are denied basic rights at work available to all other employees.

We just signed on to the Gig Workers’ Bill of rights to demand fairness for gig workers. Will you join us?

Support the gig workers’ bill of rights and help bring justice in this upcoming election.


Learn more about the gig economy and why their financial protection and safety is a benefit for all, both consumer and worker.