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    A free online webinar to help you understand how to file your taxes. Une présentation gratuite bilingue pour vous aider comprendre vos taxes. Présentation bilingue!  Bilingual presentation!  April 10 avril @ 3PM Registration/ Enregistrement: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. April 10 avril @ 3PM It’s tax season! Do you need help understanding what you need to do to file your taxes? This webinar will give you a general understanding of where to file, how to file, and the documents that you need in order to file.  At the end of the Read More
  • Workers Centre Action Meeting & Paid Sick Days Phone Zap
    Join us on Wednesday April 7 for our monthly Sudbury Workers Centre Action Meeting, and Make the Call for Paid Sick Days!   e Learn what we’ve ben up to in the past month. Share with us your concerns, and where you want us to focus. And, this month,  in honour of World Health Day, join us in a Phone Zap to demand Paid Sick Days. Health officials and elected representatives from all political stripes agree: Paid Sick Days are needed to help stem the tide of the pandemic. Be part of the solution! We’ll give you the script Read More
  • Why we are supporting the call to #FundLU
    In February, without any advance warning to students, faculty or staff, the University of Laurentian applied for bankruptcy and went into creditor protection. As a result, students, faculty and staff find themselves living with great uncertainty. Their present and their future are now in turmoil. Researchers have found their progress halted as they can’t order supplies or pay for samples to be analysed. Bursaries, pensions, salaries, job security, and the security of knowing you have a program to graduate from  – all now Read More

Join us at our next Worker Centre Meeting on Thursday, November 29

Workers Centre Action Meeting

Thursday, October 29 at 6:30 PM

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A Cultural exchange and teach in about Migrant Rights

NOVEMBER 1 – 2PM – Bell Park (By the Miners Monument)

On Sunday November 1st Migrant workers, refugees, international students across Canada are standing in solidarity to Raise the Call for Status For All!

Join us as we host a teach in and cultural exchange to share why Status For All is so important.
We are sharing ready-to-make meal packs from recipes we received migrant workers in our region, including refugees and international students. In addition to lovely meal you can make at home, we will also learn, share and discuss about the need for Status For All. As you know, we believe our immigration system is broken and has created a system where those without status (ie permanent residency or citizenship) have less rights than those who do. We have built an economic system that asks refugees, international students and migrant workers to pay into it, but without receiving full access to health care, child care, equal access to justice. Our news feeds have been filled with the hardships and atrocities that happen to migrant farm workers who are tied to a single employer and can’t complain for fear of getting deported. We’ve seen the sacrifices of our refugee community who have staffed essential services during the pandemic and yet who don’t have full access to health care. It’s time to make changes! Raise the Call- Status For All!


Tuesday September 29 @ 7 PM

Businesses are being reopened, and many of us are getting called back to work.
Got questions about your workplace?
Hours? Wages? Recall? Health and Safety? Sick Days? COVID issues? Accommodations?
We have answers. 

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This past summer has brought issues of racism to the forefront of our public and social conversation again. As the horrific events in the news were unfolding, we were working with International Students to learn about issues facing them in the workplace. Out of those discussions, we formed a Racism At Work Forum committee. The aim is to facilitate discussions about racism in the workplace, spread knowledge about your rights in the workplace, support workers facing racism and discrimination in the workplace, and to create an information campaign for workplaces in the Greater Sudbury region to educate and change behaviour. We’ve all seen COVID information posters everywhere. We’re used to seeing health and safety posters in the workplace. Let’s get posters combatting racism into every workplace in Sudbury!

Step one has been to create an online community forum where users can share stories and experiences. Step two was spread the news, and then bring the discussion into the real world either in person or by video, or both. We’ve developed the forum. Now we need to share it, and plan the next steps.

Join our discussion! Get a tour of the forum, and help us plan the next steps.
All are welcome!

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October 8 – 1 to 3 PM


Sudbury and Region

Injured Workers Group

 Wednesday October 14, 3 PM

We are starting our monthly meetings again! Join us by phone or video. The Sudbury and Region Injured Workers Group is where Injured Workers can discuss the issues that matter to them. Struggles with WSIB? Seeking information on long term workplace exposures? Need help connecting with services and supports? Join the Sudbury Worker Centre staff and fellow injured workers to find answers, share stories, support each other, and take action to make things better. Registration Required.




#StatusForAll Migrant Rights Rally

Sunday September 20, 3 PM, Marc Serré office 

2914 Hwy 69 N, Unit 1, Val Caron, ON P3N 1E3
Take action now and on September 20, 2020 to call for full and permanent immigration status for all. Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet are quietly developing a plan for COVID-19 recovery that they will announce on September 23rd. They will rely on other political parties, particularly NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to support their vision to ward off an election. Join us on on September 18-20 to insist that COVID-19 recovery must include FULL & PERMANENT IMMIGRATION STATUS FOR ALL. Migrants, refugees, undocumented, students, workers, homeless, criminalized, sex workers and families must all be regularized. Decisions about our future are being made quietly in back rooms right now, we must get louder!

Join us in SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20 as we visit Nicklebelt Liberal MP Marc Serré to deliver the message that our regional refugee and asylum seekers, international students, and migrant workers all deserve FULL AND PERMANENT IMMIGRATION STATUS.


Sudbury Workers Centre 
Monthly Action Meeting

Tuesday September 8, 2020 – 6:00 PM
Online Video Conference – registration required.


Join us for our monthly action meeting and learn what we are doing to improve the lives of workers, and how you can be involved. This month, in addition to updates on our Migrants’ Rights work, our Paid Sick Days work, and our Youth Action Committee work, we unveil our new online Community Forum. Created by the Racism at Work group and the Youth Action Committee, the Community Forum is a safe environment for workers to discuss racism at work. The aims of the forum are:

  •  To provide a safe space for workers to discuss the reality of being a racialized worker in Sudbury, and the racism that is happening here. We want workers to understand: you are not alone.
  • To educate and inform workers of their legal rights at work, and to provide information on how to address racism at work.
  • To create an understanding of the specific issues at play in Sudbury, in order to create an Eliminating Racism At Work information campaign targeting businesses and organizations in Sudbury.

Prescription for a #SafeSeptember:
Rally and Action


Saturday August 29th

We have all seen cases of COVID spike when children return to school, and we are all worried about a Safe September. One of the best ways we can assure that we keep case counts low is by following the advice of doctors:  stay home if we are sick. But without paid sick days, workers have to choose between paying their bills, buying food and paying rent, or staying home.  That is not a choice that we should have to make. We all need Paid Sick Days now! #PaidSickDaysSaveLives

Join us for a rally in Memorial Park, followed by a short march to Tom Davies Square, home of the provincial offices here in Sudbury. We will use chalk and yarn to show exactly what happens when one sick child gets on a bus with 42 other students and then goes to their classroom of 24 kids. How far will COVID spread? Join us and spread the news that PAID SICK DAYS SAVE LIVES!