Students: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Students, In a break with past elections, Elections Canada is not setting up voting booths or offering special balloting on campus for students in this important election.

This is not right, we know having voting booths on campus means easier access for students, we stand with students through this. Taking action how we can here at the Sudbury Workers Centre. Students have a right to have their voice heard, especially this election getting equal pay, proper protections, and an equal chance for promotion! There are so many issues we know students have a right to be heard on. However, you are not alone! 

To take action sign the petition to get the government to open campus voting before election day!


If you can get your vote in early, however, you may have an alternative option to get your ballots in!

According to the Government of Canada, students are still offered options available to vote early—either by mail or at any Elections Canada office—using the same special ballots they would have used in the Vote on Campus program. Special ballots preserve students’ ability to vote using the address they consider home, whether they live at that address while at school or somewhere else. Students who want to vote by mail can apply online and have their voting kit sent to the address of their choice. Every voting kit includes a pre-addressed, prepaid return envelope.

In addition, returning officers will set up advance and election day polls on campuses wherever possible, depending on the space available and pandemic response policies in place. Students living on or near campus who consider that residence to be home are assigned to these polls and will be able to vote there.


Students can find their local office by entering their home postal code in the government’s Voter Information Service.

We at SWEAC invite all students to gather and join us on Zoom and RSVP today for our monthly workers’ call to action meeting! Let’s discuss Status for All, Justice For Workers, Gig Workers Bill of Rights, and our committees fighting for justice at Laurentian University! Youth Action Committee, SOS (Save our Sudbury), & Newcomers committee

We are on the lookout for volunteers & speakers!

Contact us: You can stay connected with us at any time!

Email: Or (705) 470-2173

Join us on Zoom on Sept 22nd! We explore the depths of the employment standards act, occupational health and safety act, and the Ontario Human rights code.

All of these regulations have differing implications that can make things trickier for students, especially international students!

Get connected with us and do not miss out on this opportunity!

Schools in Canada have exploited International students for years, through the application of temporary work visas. After COVID, this has not changed, the truth of the matter is worse, with many Canadian Universities withholding tuition funds while denying acceptance in programs. International students, as well as migrant workers everywhere, deserve permanent residence status.