· Meet Our Team ·

Donna Lightning
Indigenous Education and Outreach Coordinator

Ahnee, Boujour and Hello. My name is Donna Lightning from Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, Ontario. I am a graduate of Trent University as well as a trained PSW from St. Alberts Learning Centre. I am the Indigenous Outreach and Education Officer. My main objective is to deliver presentations providing legal information about Indigenous Rights in the Workplace both on and off reserve. I am also very excited to create community connections in and around Sudbury as well in Northeastern Ontario. Looking forward to working with Indigenous communities and organizations. If you have questions, please call SWEAC at 705-470-2173. Meegwetch!

Scott Florence
Executive Director

As the Executive Director for the organization, it’s my job to keep the doors open and the lights on. I ensure that the workers here have everything they need to be the best at helping workers and assist in educational workshops; contact me at executivedirector@sudburyworkerscentre.ca or at 705-470-3323

Ashley Woolhead
Community Development Worker

As the Community Development Worker, my role is to assist with the Tenants’ Rights Project. I achieve this by supporting tenants participation and inclusion in the project, assisting with the facilitation of monthly meetings, conducting research, and attending to any other tasks that arise as they relate to this project. You can contact me by email at ashley@sudburyworkerscentre.ca or by phone at (705) 470-2173

Photo credits by Matt Poitras….Contact at Matt-p@live.ca