What does the Sudbury Workers Centre do?

Labour rights. We don’t like to talk about them. We want to think things are fair. We’re conditioned to believe that it’s our fault if there’s a problem: we didn’t work hard enough or make smart choices, but the truth is that the workplace isn’t fair. Workers aren’t given reasonable choices and are often mistreated, underpaid, and exploited despite their hard work. That’s where the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre comes in.

Since 2013, the SWC has ensured that workers’ rights are respected in the workplace. Those lucky enough to be in a union have someone to represent and fight for them when workplace issues arise. However, many of us aren’t union members and do not. The Sudbury Workers Centre is here for you. Our free services have helped hundreds of workers recover lost and stolen wages, fight back against harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace, and speak out against health and safety violations.

The SWC is dedicated to supporting young and international students preparing to work in Canada. The Youth Action Committee has ensured that students on campuses across Canada are informed and connected. The Newcomers Committee worked with international students to create a survey about their experiences in the workplace. With this, SWC fought accommodation issues for arriving students. We additionally hosted three rallies on national days of action to raise awareness of Status For All. SWC worked with refugee and asylum seekers and local MPs to broaden the fast-track programs for health care workers to include all workers during the pandemic.

The SWC is adamant champions for the Fight for $15 and Fairness in Sudbury and seeks to raise the minimum wage, enshrine paid sick days, ensure equal pay for equal work, make scheduling fair, and bring respect back into the workplace.

SWC also hosts the Sudbury Region Injured Workers Group, a member of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, to ensure that no worker is lost, forgotten or left behind. Wherever there is a need to improve or protect workers’ rights, you’ll find them there.

The SWC is responsible for providing free information on proper workers’ rights for many workers whose jobs are not protected by a union or other organization. Please visit our Contact Us page for more info.