Take Action July 4 – Demand #StatusForAll

Take Action July 4 – Demand #StatusForAll!

Join us and people across Ontario in on online action on July 4th! Demand full immigration status for all: undocumented migrants, temporary foreign workers, careworkers, international students, refugees. Young or old, working or not, criminalized or not. End the systemic racism! Equal people means equal migration status!

Canadian immigration policy divides us into two categories: those that arrive with permanent immigration status, and those that don’t. Those who don’t are largely racialized and low-waged. We are workers, students, refugees and families. The immigration system is built to keep most of us temporary, even though our homes, families, communities, and livelihoods are here. This forces hundreds of thousands to become undocumented. Without full immigration status, we are denied healthcare, decent work, and support in times of crisis. We are separated from our families. Full Immigration Status for All is a call for equal rights for all of us.