Workers Centre Action Meeting & Paid Sick Days Phone Zap

Join us on Wednesday April 7 for our monthly Sudbury Workers Centre Action Meeting, and Make the Call for Paid Sick Days!



Learn what we’ve ben up to in the past month. Share with us your concerns, and where you want us to focus.

And, this month,  in honour of World Health Day, join us in a Phone Zap to demand Paid Sick Days. Health officials and elected representatives from all political stripes agree: Paid Sick Days are needed to help stem the tide of the pandemic. Be part of the solution! We’ll give you the script and the tools to call our elected representatives and let them know it’s about time they legislated Paid Sick Days. Ensuring that workers have the financial ability to stay home at the first sign of symptoms is now a matter of common sense to all but the Ford government.

There is a new private members bill put forward by Liberal Michael Coteau, Bill 247 that will provide 10 paid emergency leave days for every worker in Ontario.

Join us as we MAKE THE CALL for PAID SICK DAYS. We’ll provide the script and the phone numbers for the Premier Ford, Labour Minister McNaughton, and Healthcare Minister Elliot. You make the call! Let’s flood their phone lines and fill their message boxes with the need for Paid Sick Days. 

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