Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day Sudbury!

Today, (March 8, 2022) we celebrate the vast achievements of women in many areas of life. From STEM to arts, agricultural to political. There is a wide range of world-changing actions from women all over the globe, check out this link for a great history on women of colour in history.

Today, we want to ensure we are doing our best, each and every day, to acknowledge, appreciate, and prioritize the women directly in our lives.

Join us in appreciating the amazing women who make SWEAC what it is.

While our organization is made up of volunteers, students, and many community members. Immediately behind the scenes of this operation, there are two amazing women who deserve recognition. 

Meet Mélodie Bérubé!

A dedicated member of the team since 2017, (That’s almost as old as the centre!) Mélodie Bérubé works 1-on-1 with clients as our Outreach Officer. It is thanks to her, we can continue to keep workers informed on policies, bills, and many more resources that require intense research. Not only is her position crucial in our organization, but also the variety of outlooks and invaluable education she brings along with her. 

Mel is an indispensable member of our team who goes above and beyond and can often be found fighting for causes surrounding fairness, equality, and justice for all. She is never shy to give voice to any injustices she may come across.


We thank you, Mel, for your constant hard work in helping workers and keeping the centre going! 

Meet Tt Scott!

The newest member of our team, Tt Scott is our communications officer. Tt deals with the vast…okay all of the online activity for the centre. No joke! Thank’s to her we’ve been able to continue to reach and connect with workers through the last few lockdowns.

Tt is a crucial part in keeping our media updated and consistent. She also helps us find and build connections with other organizations. She carries an incredible perspective consistently fighting for equality, intersectionality, and justice and is an irreplaceable addition to our team. 



We thank you, Tt, for your constant hard work in helping workers and keeping the centre going! 


“I am very fortunate to work alongside two great women at the Sudbury Workers Centre. Each of them brings incredible expertise to the department that they lead. I was raised in an era when strong, capable women in the workplace was considered the exception, not the rule. There’s still a lot of work to do to achieve parity and equality, but I feel fortunate and blessed to now be living in an era where we can celebrate strong, capable women in the workplace because they rule”  – Scott Florence (Executive Director) 

While our team may be smaller, it is definitely mighty. Each member, regardless of label, is a crucial part in allowing us to continue to educate, support, and advocate for workers. 

Photography by Mattpoitras.com
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