Upcoming Election: Vote For Workers Rights!

Trudeau has called a hasty election just around the corner on Monday, September, 20th. That leaves many Canadians, 18 and older, with less than a month to become informed on current topics and debates.
What’s running on the minds of Canadians everywhere what problems and cares are at the forefront of our nation’s concerns?

In this year’s election, the lives of workers should be our main focus. After a dire battle with COVID spanning since March of 2020, frontline workers, from healthcare to childcare, have undergone a flux of drastic policy changes leaving many low-wage workers in life-altering situations. We have seen employees on strike fighting for equal and fair wages, adequate scheduling, and protection from retaliation, harassment, and unsafe workplaces.
But, what is being done on this? While many of our federal leaders remain focused on the arrangement of health guidelines, and not the people directly affected by them. We must take action, make your vote count with the rights, protections, and lives of workers also in mind.

So if you’re ready to participate in this year’s elections and have your voice heard,

do not feel overwhelmed.
Ready to get started on voting?….
Go get registered!

Once you’re informed of your rights and the current policies around you, you’ll want to get yourself registered. All Canadian citizens 18 years and older, with an approved address, are welcomed to vote in the upcoming election. We’ve included some links that may come in handy for getting yourself started.

Already registered? Check here > https://ereg.elections.ca/CWelcome.aspx?lang=e

What to expect next?
Voting cards are distributed 3 weeks in advance of the election, on it, you should find your assigned polling station where you can go to cast your vote, information about accessibility, and how to go about voting. If you’re excited and are ready to cast your vote, polls are open September 10th – 13th in advance.

There are many ways to have your voice heard in this election, you can cast your vote by mail or in-person and even in advance. Where you choose to put your ballot is up to you, make sure your voice is being heard this election, let us make Canada safe for all workers.


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