Understanding Your Taxes

It’s that time of the year again Sudbury…

The official start of the tax filing season started in February, on Monday 2st. To get the benefits and credits you may be eligible for without interruption, it’s important to get your taxes filed by April 30th, or May 2, of this year (2022).

This can be a stressful time for many, accountants and newbies to the tax-filing system alike. 

Walking into the tax world can feel incredibly daunting and overwhelming for the first time, what do you include, have you forgotten something? Maybe you are a student, a newcomer to Canada, or simply just getting started filing your taxes alone, and are looking for additional support. 

We, here at the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre are teaming up alongside the Canada Revenue Agency, to offer a free workshop on tax resources and support. With the pandemic causing excess amounts of new issues and dilemmas, we want to help workers with some last-minute support if needed!

Join us on April 21 at 5:30 pm – You can RSVP for the Tax event directly here!

This presentation will have information that highlights support and resources for Newcomers, International Students, and members of the Black and Indigenous communities. 

This will be an incredibly informative session in partnership with the Outreach Officer for the North Eastern Ontario region (Canada Revenue Agency): Yin Yin Wu.

With recordings and excess supports available after the webinar. You can watch online or join our in-person viewing session for access to immediate support packages, resources, and more. 

We have also included some links below to help you out. 

Check it out:

A variety of tax software packages and web apps are available to do your taxes online, and some are free. To learn more,
go to canada.ca/netfile.
• You can let someone else, like a family member or an accountant, represent you with the CRA to help manage your tax
information. To learn more, go to canada.ca/taxes-representative-authorization.
• If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, you may be able to get your taxes done by a volunteer for free. Go to
canada.ca/taxes-help or call the CRA. (Call back option) (Service Canada)

Indigenous Supports Factsheet

Students Support Factsheet

ModestIncome Suppots Factsheet