Student On-Campus Vote

Attention On-Campus Students, 

We partnered with L’Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones  to request free bus-services for studentds to vote. 

If you were not able to take advantage of advance voting there is still the chance to cast your vote on June 2 at a polling station. 


GOVA has confirmed the services, see the response below: 

“In receipt of the attached communication to request free transit for on-campus Laurentian University students to support their participation in the Provincial election, thank you for your engagement with the City of Greater Sudbury.  As the Director of Transit, and on behalf of the General Manager of Community Development, I am pleased to support this initiative on the day of the election.


In line with a practice where GOVA provides complimentary transit for travel to or from voting, on Thursday, June 02, 2023, on-campus students will be able to travel from Laurentian University or return for the purposes of voting in the Provincial election. 

With half-hour service between 6:30 am and 6 p.m., and hour service thereafter until midnight, Route #3 will support travel needs.  Students boarding the bus will be required to notify the Bus Operator that they are using the bus to attend a voting location, at which time access without the necessary fare will be granted…”

To see the initial request, click here. 

To learn more about how to take action and vote for what matters to you, take a look at our resource pages to stay informed.