Support Migrant Rights


Are you aware, the federal government is working on a Regularization Program – a program to give permanent resident status to undocumented people.

Plans are being made that will impact migrant workers, students, families and refugees!

Sometime this summer or fall, Prime Minister Trudeau will decide how many undocumented people will be regularized and which low-wage migrants will be granted permanent resident status.

This is a historical and unprecedented opportunity but only if we ACT NOW. 

To win regularization for the most people, we need to show Prime Minister Trudeau that tens of thousands of people are united in calling for Status for All. 

We are supporting the Migrants Rights Alliance in their push to gather 17,000 signatures before August 17th to support the call for Status for all 1.7 million people in Canada currently without. 

Join us below to sign and share the petition by Migrant Rights from Sudbury!

Join Us

We are planning two actions in the coming weeks.

Monday, August 8: Status For All Postering & Leafleting

  • Help to put up posters, share news, and info and enable people to sign the petition. 

Join us at the Sudbury worker's Centre at 109 Elm St at 3 pm (More Here)

Monday, August 15: Meet with MP Viviane Lapointe.

  • Join us to share with MP Lapointe why refugees, international students, and migrant workers all need Status For All NOW & demand that she champion this issue within the Liberal caucus. 

Join us outside of 93 Cedar St, Viviane Lapointe's Office – 12 PM (More here)




More information can be found here: Download paper petitions, print and get petitions signed.