Red Shirt Day (of Action for AccessAbility and Inclusion)

Red Shirt Day (of Action for AccessAbility and Inclusion) is a day when people across Canada come together and wear red in schools, workplaces and spaces everywhere in order to create a visible display of solidarity, to show their support for persons and families who are living with disabilities, celebrate the achievements of people living with disabilities, and to pledge their commitment to help create a fully accessible and inclusive society. Red Shirt Day takes place on the Wednesday of National AccessAbility Week each year. 

Red Shirt Day is an Ester Seals initiative.

Today, we here at the Sudbury Workers Centre joined others across Canada from our offices to stand in solidarity with all those who may be living with a disability. We must push to continuously end the stigma surrounding the notion of living with a disability in itself, acknowledge and normalize the achievements of people living with a disability, and work to remove barriers and blockages that hinder people from fully accessing all areas of society. We must continue to reshape our workplace, schools, and understandings to work towards an inclusive and accepting society. 

Take action and send your pic of your red shirt today! Share on social media using the hashtags #RedShirtDay, #RedForAccessAbility. And make sure to tag the amazing organizations behind this initiative. @OFLabour & @EasterSealsON