Election In June – Advance Voting Begins Today

A Provincial Election is just around the corner this June 2, 2022. This year we will be voting for new Members of Provincial Parliament to affect the current government. 

After the results of this election, a new party will take place or be re-elected. 

This is how you can take action and vote for the causes that are important to you. Ensure workers’ voices are heard and validated at all levels of government. 

Understanding the desires and needs of a large range of workers was made incredibly accessible by a range of organizations, non-profits, and advocates. 
We encourage you to take your time and click through the links below…

See our Demands Here! 

Here are ways you can take action:

They will bring what they hear to the candidates, and to work.
They will support you with resources to find out about your candidates, tell them about your priorities, and vote for what is important to you!

The past year has been a wide awakening to the realities of precarious work. As a result, many petitions, reports, and actions have been brought to provincial attention.
Take action by staying connected and informed on what workers and professionals are saying about worker’s rights:


NDP: Jamie West  – Congratulations (Re-Election Win!)

Check out responses to questions from the workers centre as well as other coalitions and committees in Sudbury and Ontario!

Ways To Vote:

On election day (9am-9pm), you can vote in person at your assigned voting location.

There are two electoral districts in Greater Sudbury: Sudbury and Nickel Belt.  Find out your district by putting in your postal code here.   

Find out where you can vote in Sudbury here. 

Get on the voter’s list. You have until May 23, to submit your info here.  If you don’t do this, you can still vote with the proper ID in person.

Bring your voter information card and one piece of ID. If you are not on the voters list, you need one piece of ID showing both your name and current address.  Find more info here

To vote in the Ontario election, you must be 18 years of age or older, be a Canadian citizen, and be a resident of Ontario.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can add yourself to the Ontario Register of Future Voters here.

If you are a University Student Located on a Campus in Sudbury read more about bus services and schedule here.

*Information provided by the Coalition for A liveable Sudbury and Elections Ontario. 

Before election day, you can vote.  Find out more about the ways you can vote here

  • You can vote at any of the advance voting locations in your electoral district. Advance voting locations are open from 10 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time).
  • You can vote in person at your returning office from the day after an election in your electoral district has been called until 6 PM the day before election day.
  • To vote by mail, you will need to complete a Vote by Mail application and provide a copy of at least one piece of government-issued ID.

    You can apply to vote by mail: