Open Mic Night!


We, here at the Sudbury Workers Education And Advocacy Centre, have teamed up with Sudbury’s very own Myths and Mirrors to bring to you a Free Open Mic Night this coming Monday, March 21st, 2022.MM-logo

This will be in honour of Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day and World Poetry Day.
The night will be filled with open and safe discussions on activating anti-racism within our workplaces, schools, and greater society.

As well as appreciating a variety of artists, performers, and speakers who honour
us with their talents, stories, and experiences.

Check out this sneak peek of the speakers and presentations we have lined up!



There will be prizes and local swag giveaways to be
won for the first 3 in-person participants, as well as
many chances to win all throughout the night. But space
is limited, RSVP before all the in-person tickets are

Thanks to the support of Black Lives Matter Sudbury,BLM Sudbury
we will be hosting this event both online and in-person
at the Sudbury workers Centre, at 109 Elm st on
Monday, March 21st, at 3:30 PM.


Here are some details about the event on our Facebook page!

More Information about Some of the amazing supporting Organizations:

Black Lives Matter Sudbury: (BLMS)

BLM Sudbury

is an organization that is committed to fighting systemic racism in all of its forms, demanding that society and all levels of government address and fix the root causes of racism in all social institutions. In addition to fighting
against anti-Blackness, they create spaces to build our community. Through alternative forms of education, programming events for our communities, and supporting cultural creation, BLM believes that we create our own liberation through our commitment to thrive and build beautifully.

Myths and Mirrors:

MM-logoBy providing the tools, resources, and support for communities to express themselves creatively, Myths and Mirrors educates and promotes public participation in the arts. Through exploration of modern myths and reflecting on their own perceptions and experiences, participants develop a voice to challenge assumptions, redefine arts and culture, and help transform our collective futures.