Fight for $15 and Fairness

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Ontario workers are struggling to get by as more and more decent jobs are being replaced by low-wage and precarious work.

Join the Fight for $15 and Fairness in advocating for:

  •  $15 Minimum Wage
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Decent Hours
  • Respect at Work
  •  Rules that Protect Everyone

A $15 minimum wage creates a HUGE boost to the economy and the community!

A $15 minimum wage will strengthen local economies because wage earners who will have disposable income will put that money back into the community. Raising Ontario’s minimum wage would stimulate Ontario’s economy by putting more than $5 billion additional dollars into workers pockets.

It will create jobs!

Businesses need customers to thrive and to generate job growth. WIthout customers who can afford to buy what businesses are selling, there’s no point for them to produce more goods and services. This helps to explain why tax cuts for corporations and the rich have failed to create jobs we were promised. Increasing the minimum wage will put money to work and create demand for additional goods and services, which in turn creates jobs.

It will reduce income inequality!

Raising the minimum wage will benefit nearly 1.5 million people, almost 60% of whom are at least 25 years old. Women, newcomers and racialized workers face system discrimination in the labour market and this helps explain why they are over-represented among minimum wage earners. Raising the minimum wage will help close the income gap for workers facing barriers on the job market. Decent wages for all workers opens give more dependence and more opportunities for everyone, but especially workers under 25, students, women, and racialized workers.

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