Human Solidarity Day: Sudbury Solidarity With PHAC

On December 17th, 2021 we here at SWEAC stood in solidarity alongside PHAC in efforts to demand the Ford Government take action to end homelessness and poverty within our community.

The Poverty and Housing Advocacy Coalition (PHAC) of Sudbury is demanding the Ontario government end poverty and homelessness throughout the Northern region and take action to properly address violence against sex workers. The Ford government must finally step up and take responsibility for the crisis in poverty and homelessness in our province.

Representatives of the coalition spoke to some of the steps that the Ontario Legislature can take to immediately alleviate the obvious suffering of so many citizens. All Sudburians were invited to help send a strong message to Queen’s Park this holiday season.

The demands include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Increase OW and ODSP rates to reflect the true cost of living.
  2. Commit to immediate, major investments in affordable housing.
  3. De-criminalize all drugs, immediately invest in addiction and mental health care and supports.
  4. De-criminalize sex work and implement workplace health and safety protection for sex workers.
  5. Provide supports for people leaving jail and other institutional care.
  6. Honour the treaties and Ontario’s obligations under UNDRIP with First Nations!

Some of the other demands call for greater action towards Sudbury’s students who are living in poverty or homeless, as well as calling for greater and fair wages for struggling workers, and full status for migrants or undocumented Sudbury residents. 

These are all measures that could immediately make a huge difference in the health, safety and dignity of all residents of Ontario. We have come together to stand in solidarity with all those suffering from poverty and homelessness and to advocate for long-term solutions to this injustice.

While PHAC continues to finalize their demands ahead of the upcoming 2022 provincial election, they are ready to make noise and call the attention of the government to the city of Greater Sudbury every step of the way.

In the words of PHAC members Ford, “Can you Hear Us Now?!”

Check out these photos from the event below and stay connected with more on PHAC updates by contacting Laurie McGauley at  Stay connected and up to date on PHAC’s Facebook page.