Elections Are Never Pointless

Elections are never pointless

If you are required to go for a COVID test, even though you don’t think you have COVID,  and the result is negative, do you get angry because the status quo has been maintained? Port that over to the election results. We are hearing a lot of people are angry because they think the election was pointless. Are you angry that you had a choice, or angry that you didn’t get a new result, or more specifically, the result you wanted? What if the election results had been different, and a party that you didn’t like and didn’t want having formed government? Would your anger still describe the election as pointless, or would you use other words to describe why you were angry?

Be angry at the results all you want.

 Exercising our right to choose isn’t pointless. We need to talk about what we want moving forward. Paid Sick Days became an election issue, and a promise of the incoming gov’t- we think that’s a win! Employment Insurance reform became an election issue – another win! Immigration and the need for Status for All became election issues- more wins! The use of the Company Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) became an election issue – another win!

What were your wins? What didn’t get talked about enough? What promises didn’t go far enough? 

Now, take your anger, and make sure the government either honours their promises. Or, take your anger and organize, and make sure that what didn’t make it into the election promises, doesn’t get forgotten. 

Democracy isn’t just voting every few years. It’s not like an alarm going off, we frantically roll around for a few weeks shouting things, and then hit the snooze button until the next one. Democracy is an ongoing conversation about what we want. Organize. Join a movement, or create one. Take your anger, and apply it. Make the change you didn’t get from the election results.

We will not stop the fight for Decent Work. We will keep putting pressure on the government to honour their promise for 10 paid federal sick days, EI reform, and immigration reform that inherits equal opportunity and Status-For-All. We’ll keep fighting to protect our public institutions from destructive legislation such as the CCAA. We will continue to stand alongside those fighting for climate change and climate justice, as well as Indigenous justice, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and respecting all treaties.

If you’re angry, join us. Put that anger to good use, and make a difference.

Democracy is only pointless if you don’t participate; democracy is more than just voting. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, then bring us your anger. This federal election was not pointless, we need to ensure this government keeps its promises. Once we get 10 federal sick days, we have a great template to ask our provincial gov’t to adopt in the next provincial election in June of 2022.

Join us, we’ll put your fire to good use, and together we will make a change!