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The Youth Action Committee has expanded, and is now operating as a club on the Laurentian University campus where all students within the community are welcome to participate! Laurentian University Student Workers Advocacy Group (LUSWAG) has a goal of helping all student workers learn more about their rights at work while also creating a safe space for open discussion. The world of work that we will be entering once we graduate can seem daunting and unknown, LUSWAG hopes to create clarity about work and what to expect once you finish your post-secondary education. If you would like to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out! LUSWAG can be found on Facebook @ LU Student Workers Advocacy Group and by email @

OR, comment below and ask any questions or make any suggestions you might have! LUSWAG looks forward to hearing from you as we help student workers in our community create better working conditions for themselves and for others.