Employee Appreciation Day

March 4, 2022, is Employee Appreciation Day,

Celebrated annually on the first Friday of every March, marks an important day for recognition, acknowledgment, acknowledgment, and prioritizing workers. 

While many employers may be rushing out to purchase those last-minute donuts and coffee, treats and gifts, or drumming up employee incentive packages that they truly believe will blow their team away.

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves…

Are you showing consistent appreciation for your employees outside of one-day a year?
And what does that look like? 
Constantly buying things for your team and putting open-season on incentive packages?
While these are great and many employees definitely deserve and appreciate the work that goes into having these available. They are essentially the bare minimum you can do as an employer to ensure your employees are well appreciated.

In addition, these incentives typically work to create toxic-work environments not only amongst employees, who now may feel they need to outperform one another to gain recognition, but also as workers become increasingly overworked, burnt-out, and more likely to feel under-appreciated as a result. 

So What Now…
Let this not discourage us from going out and spending a little extra time, money, or effort on your Employees TODAY.
Consistently incorporating healthy workplace standards at the management level is crucial in creating toxic-free and inclusive workplaces for all. Building a healthy work environment must start somewhere, even if all you’ve thought of is another package to “motivate” your team, it’s important to start putting the effort in showing employees they are a priority and do in fact matter. 
Let’s ensure we are taking the time to make sure we are showing appropriate and adequate employee appreciation each and every day.
Check out this site for a range of quick ideas that can be implemented both in short and long-term situations.
Talk to your team, what each workplace and a team member will appreciate may look very different. While some may be more interested in free merch, others may require confirmation that their addition and contribution to the team are effective.