· Meet Our Team ·

Mélodie Bérubé
Outreach Worker

I’m the outreach coordinator, and that means both reaching out, and doing intake. I lead the educational workshops, deal with clients 1-1, and help them if they have been treated unfairly at work; contact me at outreach@sudburyworkerscentre.ca or 705-470-2173

Scott Florence
Executive Director

As the Executive Director for the organization, it’s my job to keep the doors open and the lights on. I ensure that the workers here have everything they need to be the best at helping workers and assist in educational workshops; contact me at executivedirector@sudburyworkerscentre.ca or at 705-470-3323

Tt Scott
Communications Officer

I’m the Communications Officer. If you have not heard from me yet, you are about to! I will be the main person overseeing the social media handles and am on a constant search for new events, people, and organizations to broaden our impact for worker rights and help bring justice. Contact me at communications@sudburywokerscentre.ca or 705-470-2173

Photo credits by Matt Poitras….Contact at Matt-p@live.ca