The Sudbury Workers Centre is delighted to welcome our newest coop placement, Nurhuda Hassan!

From Nurhuda:  

I am thrilled to share my experience as a student intern at the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre (SWEAC). From day one, (SWEAC) welcomed me with open arms and entrusted me with meaningful responsibilities. I had the opportunity to assist with research, contribute to educational programs and support the organization’s outreach effort. I become increasingly aware of the challenges faced by workers in various industries. Engaging with workers from diverse backgrounds and hearing their stories heightened my empathy and fueled my determination to fight for justice. I witnessed the positive change brought by (SWEAC) in supporting workers’ rights, educating the public about them, and ensuring that every worker has a voice at work and is treated with dignity and respect. I’ve discovered that giving people the tools they need to be empowered—through knowledge, assistance, and advocacy—will help them overcome obstacles and lead satisfying lives. If these factors are not appropriately handled, however, they may result in mental health problems. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all staff members at the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre for their constant commitment and for helping to make me a better, knowledgeable, caring, and socially conscious person. As I go out on future undertakings to have a positive influence, I will always treasure this transforming experience and keep the lessons learnt with me.