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Job Title: Outreach & Campaign Organizer

Reports to: Board of Directors

Hours of Work: Full-time (40 hours/week) 5-month Contract

(Flexible, Evening and Weekend Work Required)

Salary: $1,520.00 biweekly (gross), plus 4% vacation pay

The Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre (SWEAC) is an organization of workers, students and community volunteers committed to improving the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage and unstable employment. Our centre delivers support and education on workers rights, provides community spaces for workers to share and learn together, and ensures that all workers have a voice at work and are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

We are currently seeking an Outreach & Campaign Organizer to grow the Decent Work movement in Northeastern Ontario (NEON), raise awareness of workplace issues experienced by vulnerable workers in Northeastern communities, and educate workers on their workplace rights. The Outreach & Campaign Organizer will also be responsible for further developing the Living Wage Campaign in the Greater City of Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Summary of work areas:

The Outreach & Campaign Organizer will develop improved tools, materials, resources, and communication networks that apply to NEON communities to move the Decent Work campaigns in Ontario forward. They will also provide information regarding the services of the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre, provide educational workshops and facilitate discussions on worker rights such as employment standards, health and safety and human rights, and mobilize and engage community members in different Campaigns that promote Decent Work.

Other Duties Include:

  • Build community connections and capacity within the City of Greater Sudbury specifically with vulnerable workers;
  • Implement outreach strategies, track and evaluate outreach results;
  • Create partnerships and establish good working relationships with different organizations and resources;
  • Enhance the formation of connections between current Decent Work campaign stakeholders in NEON;
  • Identify potential new allies in the FF15F and Living Wage Campaign in NEON;
  • Create consistent and relevant communication platforms that will bridge Decent Work movements in NEON;
  • Build relationships with specific stakeholders and increase community engagement with Decent Work Campaigns;
  • Continue to work with the Ontario Living Wage Network to develop the Sudbury Living Wage Campaign;
  • Deliver presentations and workshops to various groups in Northeastern Ontario;
  • Organize a NEON Day of Action for Decent Work;
  • Attend appropriate events and promote SWEAC and Decent Work Campaigns;
  • Identify and assist with training volunteers to provide peer support and leadership for workers in the outlying communities;
  • Provide progress reports; and
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Familiar with the City of Greater Sudbury’s diverse labour force, current labour market trends, and issues confronting workers in precarious employment;
  • Knowledge of various Decent Work Campaigns, its stakeholders, and strategies across Ontario;
  • Knowledge of Ontario Employment Standards Act and other workplace legislation;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with non-profit organizations, academic institutions, board members, staff, volunteers and students;
  • Demonstrated experience providing information, referrals, and support to people in the community;
  • Experience delivering educational workshops, training and/or presentations “ working with clear language skills and a popular education approach;
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently; and
  • Demonstrated mobilization skills to engage the community in Decent Work Campaigns.


  • Fluent in both French and English writing and communication skills;
  • Valid drivers license and vehicle;
  • Ability to work flexible hours;
  • Ability to travel long distances (Cochrane, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins, Kapuskasing, etc.);

Please send a letter of interest and résumé to the attention of the Hiring Committee, at:


Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre

109 Elm St., Suite 209

Sudbury, ON

P3C 1T4


Closing date: Sunday October 22, 2017