Sudbury Living Wage

What is a living wage?

It reflects what earners in a family need to bring home based on actual costs of living in their community. In Sudbury, two full-time workers, at 37.5hrs/week, supporting two children aged seven(7) and three(3), need to make $16.18/hour to afford the basic necessities to live.

Click the following link to learn more about Sudbury’s living wage: Sudbury Living Wage Study

Who benefits from a living wage?


-Receives fair compensation;                                                                                -Raised out of poverty;                                                                                        -Better quality of life;                                                                                     -Improved health;                                                                                      -Increased opportunities for education and skill development.




-Reduced absenteeism;                                                                                                           -Recognized as responsible employer;
-Lowers recruitment and training costs;
-Increased morale, productivity and loyalty.

The Communitycommunity

-Greater consumer spending power;
-Increased civic engagement;
-Increased spending in the local economy;
-Improved health.



Living Wage Employers in Sudbury

Social Planning Council of Sudbury

Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre

United Way/Centraide Sudbury & Nipissing Districts

Sudbury & District Labour Council

Sudbury Community Legal Clinic



Contact S.W.E.A.C at (705) 470-3323 for more information and to learn about how you can become a living wage employer.

Living Wage Canada website: